Who will replace Alex Cobb in starting rotation?

QUEENS, New York — The Giants’ starting rotation, which through the first week and a half of the season has been among the most effective in the majors, has a gaping hole in its fifth slot, after Alex Cobb landed on the 10-day injured list Tuesday, exiting his start with a strained right groin.

Cobb has missed significant chunks of time throughout his career with various ailments — three months lost in 2013 after taking a comebacker off his head, all of 2015 and most of 2016 taken by Tommy John surgery, back surgery that cost him all but three starts in 2019 — but entered this season throwing harder than ever, so he was particularly beaten up after being sidelined by another injury.

“It stinks,” Cobb said. “I’ve dealt with stuff all the time during my career. Finally felt like you’re in a good place physically, the ball’s coming out well, do everything you can do stay strong through a whole season. … Disappointing.”

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