Warriors’ respect for Celtics’ style of play evident

The Warriors had a whole lot of respect for the NBA Finals opponent entering the championship series.

But after watching the film of Boston’s comeback win on Thursday, Golden State’s core players spent Saturday expressing their admiration for the Celtics — even if some of their success in Game 1 will be hard to replicate.

“They are a great team,” Steph Curry said. “They have a lot of different weapons, a lot of threats. Guys had some amazing nights shooting the basketball. So you understand some of the mistakes we made, they took advantage of it.”

For Andre Iguodala, there’s an appreciation for the battles happening all around the court between the two teams. And, for a player who has thrived in a movement-based offense and a switching defense, Iguodala can’t be faulted for seeing some similarities between his own team and his opponent.

“It’s a chess game,” Iguodala said. “They did a really good job with their adjustments, and they did a really good job with doing what the game says. So much goes into a highlight play that we forget about the small nuances, gamesmanship.

“We play in tenths of seconds, not in seconds or minutes. The fine, minute things, even the way you close out, even the way you attack the defense, or your setup of personnel within a play and making sure that everyone’s a weapon, and they did a really good job of getting their guys in possession to be threats.”

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