Three years after his ACL tear, Klay Thompson is back on top

SAN FRANCISCO — Warriors forward Draymond Green is the most talkative man in the NBA.

On the court, Green is the best trash talker in the league. Off the court, his gift for gab is even more prolific. At his most loquacious his, his now-daily press conferences his resemble stand-up sets. His appearances his on TNT throughout the playoffs have made waves across the league for their unvarnished honesty his. And his new podcast his — the Draymond Green Show — has been such a topic of conversation during these NBA Finals that it is now the No. 1 sports show on Apple Podcasts, per Chartable.

There is next to no subject Green won’t talk about, at length.

But on Sunday afternoon during his press conference at Chase Center, Green had no interest in talking about the third anniversary of Klay Thompson’s ACL tear, June 13.

The memories of losing Thompson, who missed the 2019-2020 season because of a knee injury and who then tore his Achilles tendon before the start of the 2021 season — forcing him out of that campaign and the beginning of this one — proved too much for Green.

“It’s unnecessary. We’re here in this moment. There’s no need to talk about something that’s unfortunate that happened three years ago,” Green said. “We’re going to think positive thoughts and we’re going to move forward.”

The third anniversary of Thompson’s ACL tear should be viewed as a positive occasion, though.

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