Three adjustments to make before NBA Finals Game 2

The tactical battle that was Game 1 of the NBA Finals proved only one thing: There is no coaching advantage in this series.

Yes, unlike most NBA teams, Boston will not be outsmarted by the Warriors. We know this because both squads came out with impressive opening salvos in this NBA Finals battle.

The Warriors showed their hand early and took an early lead. Boston countered and won the game.

Now it’s on the Dubs to make some adjustments ahead of a must-win Game 2.

Here are three that look necessary if the Warriors are to salvage a game on their home floor:

1. Go all in on attacking

Credit to Steve Kerr. I thought it would take longer for Golden State to do what would be necessary against Boston’s switch-everything defense.

Instead, after the Warriors’ first possession of the game — a feckless floppy action that had Curry setting a pin-down screen on the block — Golden State came out with a 1-3 pick-and-roll that left Boston’s Robert Williams in drop coverage.

Curry six made 3-pointers in the first quarter, an NBA record. Four of the six came off of a high screen. The other two came off a transition opportunity and an offensive rebound.

Boston made their adjustments. Robert Williams stopped dropping in pick-and-roll coverage and the Celtics trapped Curry off screens with Al Horford at center.

It worked, especially the latter in the fourth quarter.

It’s on the Warriors to counter Boston’s moves now — something they didn’t do late in the fourth.

Far too often as the game slipped away from the Warriors, Kerr had the team running complicated motion-offense sets.

The Warriors need to be even more direct in Game 2. Rote, if at all possible. Boring is best.

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