They keep asking for details of military discharge

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Our daughter proudly enlisted in the military three years ago, at age 19. She achieved her goal of joining an elite corps, and was so happy about it. We were (and are) proud of the composed, confident young woman she had become.

About six months after her graduation, however, she suffered a sexual assault from another military member. The assault led to severe trauma, including hospitalization for suicidal ideation.

As a result, she was honorably discharged after a little less than two years of service. There is a case pending against the other service member.

How should we answer those who persist in asking why she finished so early? We absolutely will not discuss the circumstances her with anyone, as they are so personal and traumatic, and we feel her privacy her is sacred. But there are people who pointedly ask why the usual service time was not completed. If we said it was deeply personal, that would only feed their curiosity.

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