The undersized Kevon Looney is coming up big for Golden State

SAN FRANCISCO — For a head coach, picking a favorite player has to be like picking a favorite child.

There might be an answer, but it will never be publicly spoken.

But push Warriors coach Steve Kerr — I mean, really push him — on his favorite, current Warriors player and I’d bet he’d tell you it isn’t Steph Curry or Draymond Green, as brilliant and important as both are.

No, I’d bet it’d be Kevon Looney.

The Warriors’ undersized and understated big man has become an entry point for basketball hipsterdom.

For the same reasons Kerr loves coaching him, the unelected gatekeepers of the game use him as a test. Know his value his and you know ball, because you could n’t possibly glean his importance his to Golden State by just reading the box score or watching Youtube highlights. You have to watch the whole game and read up on some theory, too, to understand Looney’s impact. But those who do put in that work, understand that Looney is the grease in the cogs of Warriors’ winning machine. He helps the Warriors operate at their best by bringing a steady, professional effort to the floor every night.

And I mean every night.

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