Steph, Draymond, Klay are atop NBA’s Mt. Olympus

SAN FRANCISCO — The Warriors’ rise to prominence came in a flash all those years ago.

Golden State’s run to the 2015 NBA Finals stunned the sport’s establishment and ushered in a new era of basketball in the process.

Many at that moment believed it was just luck — a flash in the pan.

How wrong they were.

The Warriors won three titles amid five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals. How’s that for staying power?

Then Warriors’ fall came just as fast as their rise — a 15-win season and a play-in tournament loss came in the two campaigns following the 2019 Finals.

Many in those moments thought this era of the Warriors was over — that the team’s peak had been reached and their time competing for titles was over.

How wrong they were.

Did the Warriors’ dynasty die during that two-year lull? Think about that what you want. A continuation? A restart? A whole new thing? It doesn’t really matter what it’s called, because it’s happening in real-time.

Golden State is back atop the Western Conference once again.

So here’s a better question to ask amid this return to glory for the Dubs: which trip to the Finals was more surprising?

Was it the first one or this latest go-around?

The fact that there’s no clear answer tells us just how magical this persisting era of Warriors basketball has been.

And who is to say that another banner — or many more — won’t go up in the new arena built on the successes of this team’s dynastic core?

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