Should the hurt bride ditch her maid of honor?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My daughter asked her best friend of 17 years to be her maid of honor, and she accepted. Shortly after that, there was a rumor that this friend would soon be moving out of state with her sister her, 13 hours away.

While my daughter is not upset about the move, she is upset with how her friend handled it. The friend told several other people she would be moving, but she neglected to tell her her “best friend” her until a month before the move. Not only that, but she gave her the news via text message after they had just spent a week together on vacation.

My daughter is hurt that she was only worth a text, and told her she needed a break from the friendship. Now they hardly communicate, and the friend never asks my daughter about wedding plans — but she is still planning the bachelorette trip.

My daughter isn’t even sure she wants her to stand next to her on the big day, but so far but hasn’t had a talk with said maid of honor.

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