Should I tell them why they won’t be at the wedding?

Dear Amy: I’m from a small family (I have one brother), and while growing up, my two cousins ​​were like brothers to me. We always spent vacations, holidays and family celebrations together.

Amy Dickinson

Fast-forward 30 years and we aren’t as close as we used to be, for various reasons.

I relocated to the West Coast and my family is in the Midwest.

I see my parents and my brother often, but I haven’t seen my cousins ​​since the pandemic began because we have differing opinions on vaccinations and social-distancing (I believe in both; they don’t).

Our daughter is engaged, deeply in love, and very happy in an interracial relationship. My spouse and I are quite fond of our future son-in-law and his family his.

My dilemma is this: Both of my cousins ​​have expressed racist views and used racial slurs in the past.

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