Should I tell my third-grade students I’m trans?

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am a transgender educator. I am not visibly transgender, and my students refer to me with she / her her pronouns, which I prefer.

Harriette Cole

I was given the choice when I was hired whether or not to tell my students that I am transgender. I still have not decided.

The kids are so young — third grade — and I don’t know whether or not their parents will have an issue with an openly trans teacher.

Should I disclose the fact that I am trans to my students?

Trans Teacher

DEAR TRANS TEACHER: The big question for you may be what is important for your students to know about you in order for you to be effective at doing your job. It is unlikely that your trans status has anything to do with that.

I imagine that they need to know that you care about them, that they are safe in your company and that you can effectively teach them the subjects that are part of your curriculum.

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