Should I tell her why her joke wasn’t funny?

DEAR HARRIETTE: When you first look at me, you probably cannot tell that I am biracial. I am definitely White-passing. I have very fair skin and straight hair.

Harriette Cole

I don’t really feel the need to tell new people in my life that I am half-Black unless it comes up naturally in conversation.

The other day I was having a conversation with a new friend, and she made a slightly offensive joke about Black people. I am no longer sure that I want to be her friend her after that talk.

Maybe if she knew that I am Black, she wouldn’t have felt comfortable making that joke.

Should I distance myself from her, or should I try to have a conversation about the racially charged joke that she made?

New Friend

DEAR NEW FRIEND: My uncle was White-passing. He told many stories of being in the company of White people who would say disparging things about Black people.

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