Should I tell boss about problem with co-worker?

DEAR HARRIETTE: My co-worker cannot do a single thing correctly.

Harriette Cole

I have had to take the helm for him time and time again, but I only do it because I like him so much. He is a really sweet person, but he is not a competent worker. He is simply not capable of doing the work he is required to do.

I’ve considered having a talk with my boss about possibly letting him go and finding someone who could do the job better. Keeping him around is honestly just a waste of money and time at this point.

Is it my place to have this talk?


DEAR INCOMPETENT: Is there any other job that this employee could do at your company? It sounds like he is not the right fit for his current job, but since he has such a wonderful disposition, it may be worth finding something else for him or allowing for extensive coaching to get him to the point of being capable of doing this job .

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