She shoplifts and doesn’t tip, but I miss her

DEAR ABBY: I had a friend I adored. She was someone I had known for over 20 years, but I had to say goodbye to her. I realized she is a shoplifter and she also does n’t tip at restaurants.

When she shoplifted, I was with her. I had no idea she was doing it until we got back to the car and one of the items fell out of her bag. I was appalled. I told her to never do it again when we were together, and I have tried not to shop with her since.

I realized she wasn’t leaving tips when her receipt blew away with a gust of wind. She was in the restroom when I picked it up and saw there was no tip for the server, who was working very hard.

I told her I didn’t feel comfortable going places with her under these circumstances, especially with how things have changed during COVID. The last straw was when I caught her trying to sneak into a musical event without paying. There are musicians in my family, and I know how they and others have struggled during these hard times.

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