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Neighborhood Notes

WILLOW GLEN>>Figuring that summer reading is even more fun when you add a game and discounts, Hicklebee’s has launched READ-O, its own version of Book Bingo, for readers ages 5-12.

Participants will receive a 10% discount on books purchased for READ-O. Each square on the READ-O card will include a reading activity. When a square is completed, participants can come into Hicklebee’s to receive a googly eye to cover that square. Squares include both activities that take place at Hicklebee’s and those that can be accomplished elsewhere.

Once players have covered any line—across, down or diagonally—they will receive a bonus prize. Kids who complete all squares will participate in a drawing for a $50 Hicklebee’s gift certificate.

READ-O runs through July 30. Registration is $10 at

ROSE GARDEN>>Playful People Productions is staging two shows in July, one with a familiar fairy tale cast of characters and another designed to showcase local talent.

Four performances of its original play, “Fractured Fairytales,” are set for July 22-23, created by kids during the pandemic as a radio show. Tickets at $15 will be available starting July 8 at

On July 24 Playful People is hosting its second annual variety show, “Humans! On Stage! Doing Stuff!” Local acts are invited to show off any hidden talents they might have. Cost for participation is $25-$50, depending on the number of people in the act.

The show starts at 1 pm Tickets at $15 will be available starting July 10 at www.PlayfulPeople.orgwhere acts can also register to perform.

Both shows will be at the Historic Hoover Theater, 1635 Park Ave.

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