Readers say camera fines too low to be deterrent to speeding drivers

Q: The proposed fine of $50 for going 11 to 15 mph over the limit with a speed camera seems too low to be a deterrent. Are camera-originated fines less than officer-related fines, or is there something else going on? … Those proposed penalties for speeding caught by a camera are laughably low. They need to make fines really hurt. How about $200, $500 or $1,000?

Ben White, Mike Babcock and others

A: Fines increase to $100 for drivers who exceed the speed limit by 16 to 25 mph, and $200 for 26 mph or more over the posted speed limit.

But I do hear what you’re saying, that those fines are not high enough to deter some drivers from speeding.

Q: A crew is installing dozens of survey monument markers down Skyway Drive in San Jose, putting two at the end of every street. This is an established neighborhood, so I do not see the need to do a lot of lot boundary verifications. I am at a loss as to their purpose. I have been unable to get hold of anyone at the city who knows anything. Could you find out?

Brad Mathew, San Jose

A: Yes. The city is responsible by state law for protecting existing street monuments, which define property boundaries and centerlines, or for replacing them if they are damaged or destroyed, such as during paving jobs.

The city is trying to protect existing monuments during construction, but being able to do so depends on the type of monuments, (eg brass pin at the surface, buried iron pipe, monument box with brass disk, etc.) and the type of maintenance involved.

Q: What’s up with the light at Bascom and Hedding? I come down Bascom in the morning and have to turn left to head to Interstate 880. The light takes a full 2 ​​minutes to cycle through, even if it’s light traffic at 7 am So frustrated, late for work AGAIN.

Kristi Bush

A: The city changed the timing of the signal on weekday mornings. It should now be more responsive to vehicles waiting on Hedding, instead of holding the green for Bascom.

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