Maybe it was a mistake to dump all my friends

DEAR HARRIETTE: I cut off a lot of “friends” who were no good for me and did not have my best interests at heart, but now I’m lonely and bored.

Harriette Cole

I had only a handful of close friends to begin with, but it was draining being friends with them. They would often leave me out of things and make me feel like an outcast. It was definitely time to cut them off.

Now the problem is that I have no one to hang out with. Did I make a mistake by getting rid of all of them at once? I have no idea what’s next for my social life, and it makes me very sad.


DEAR LONELY: Be patient and trust that new friends will emerge over time.

First, give yourself credit for proactively taking care of yourself by separating from toxic people. That was a smart move on your part even if it feels lonely today.

Now you have to put yourself out there so that you can enjoy life and meet new people. Pay attention to what’s going on in your city. Look for current events bulletins online, on the local news and in your local newspaper. What’s happening that you find interesting? Go to those activities and look around. When you notice someone who seems friendly, strike up a conversation with them. Be open to meeting people and having casual conversation with them.

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