Lunchroom worker used Uvalde as scare tactic against noisy kids

A Michigan school lunchroom employee who used the Uvalde shootings as a scare tactic against fourth-graders will no longer be working in the building, the district said.

The incident occurred Monday at Lake Center Elementary in Portage, TV station WWMT in Kalamazoo reported. According to accounts the children gave their parents, the employee — attempting to get the children to quiet down — asked them if they knew that a man had killed students in a Texas school, and said that if they continued to be loud they might be in danger.

The children in the lunchroom were fourth-graders and pre-kindergartners.

On Tuesday, the station said, the school sent an email to parents expressing regret and saying the matter was “being addressed.” The employee was no longer working in the building and would not have contact with students, the statement said.

Friday is the last day of the school year at Lake Center.

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