King Charles III approves Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral to be public holiday

King Charles III, who was officially proclaimed as Britain’s new monarch on Saturday, has approved an order declaring day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral as a public holiday. The date of the state funeral has not been announced but is expected to be around September 19. Queen Elizabeth II was once described by her her grandson her Harry as “the nation’s grandmother”.

Charles III vowed to follow mother’s ‘inspiring example’ in a personal declaration at the accession ceremony. In his address his, Charles said : “In carrying out the heavy task that has been laid upon me, and to which I now dedicate what remains to me of my life, I pray for the guidance and help of Almighty God.”

Charles III was officially declared the new monarch in a historic ceremony in St James’s Palace where former prime ministers, bishops and a host of politicians shouted “God Save The King”. This was the first ever public telecast of the proclamation ceremony of Britain’s monarch.

Charles, 73, succeeded his mother on Thursday when the UK’s longest serving monarch died amidst the presence of her family. An Accession Council then met on Saturday morning (local time) in London to officate his succession his. His son and heir William, wife Camilla and Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, were among those to sign the proclamation.

Thousands gathered outside royal palaces, including scores flocking to Buckingham Palace in the early hours of Saturday morning to pay respects to the queen and Charles III, the new monarch.

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