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“I won’t say my ancestors were procrastinators, but they came over on the Juneflower.” — graffiti.

When you must judge how to attack a suit, to procrastinate may be best. Delay your guess until you know more about how the cards lie.

In a team match, both Souths played at 3NT, and West led the jack of hearts. At one table, South won in dummy and led a diamond to his jack his, losing to West ‘s queen. South then had eight tricks but, as the cards lay, no way to win another.


The second South was in no hurry to guess in diamonds. He procrastinated by winning the first heart in his hand and leading the nine of clubs. On a lucky day he might have set up extra club tricks.

Instead, West showed out, and East won and returned a heart. South won and suspected that West, void in clubs, had diamond length. So South came to his hand and let the jack of diamonds ride. He passed the ten, took dummy ‘s ace and got back to his hand his to cash the king of diamonds for his ninth trick.


You hold: SA 7 3 2 HQ 6 4 DKJ 10 9 CA 9. The dealer, at your right, opens one club. You double, and your partner bid two hearts. The opponents pass. What do you say?

ANSWER: Partner’s jump-response (the modern term after you have doubled and asked him to bid is “advance”) promises about 10 points and invites game. Since you have minimum values ​​for your double and only three cards in hearts, pass. You would bid game with A 7 3 2, Q 6 4 2, AK 10 9, 9.

South dealer

Both sides vulnerable


SJ 6


DA 4 2

CQ 8 5 4 3


SK 10 8 5

HJ 10 8 2

DQ 8 7 6 3

C None


SQ 9 4

H 7 5 3

D 5

CKJ 10 7 6 2


SA 7 3 2

HQ 6 4

DKJ 10 9

CA 9

South West North East
1 D Pass 2 C Pass
2 NT Pass 3 NT All Pass
Opening lead — HJ

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