I’d sell the gifts except the givers might be hurt

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am fortunate to be the principal of a wonderful school. It is not an exaggeration to say that I receive gifts from children and parents almost daily, partially due to their gratitude that we were in-person during this difficult year.

Spontaneous gifts from children, such as their own personal drawings or sharing of a birthday cupcake, are charming, of course. It is the adult-bought gifts that are the problem.

I love gratitude! But the gifts are misplaced — it is my amazing teachers who deserve these gifts. I have said so in my weekly principal’s column, to no avail.

Ours is a religious school, and my preference would be for a small donation to go to a charity rather than to an item I cannot use and must give away. I had thought about a small yard sale, with the money going to the school, but it would hurt the families if they found out. I cannot even donate the items back to the school for our annual sale for the same reason!

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