I fear my co-workers are contaminating my food

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I manage a department of about 15 professional and clerical workers. I am a direct resource for most, and I enjoy helping them find solutions. My office is a revolving door, with usually no more than 20 minutes between visits.

What is bothering me is a complete disdain for my food and beverages. I frequently drink coffee at my desk, and just this morning, an employee came in with a question. She managed to lean directly over my coffee and then rub her face, play with her hair her, and talk animatedly enough to release spittle. I found myself sneaking back to the break room for a fresh cup after she left.

Another time, an employee coughed directly over my barely touched lunch salad. Sadly, I was then unable to consume it, which left me hungry and annoyed.

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