How would I point out her grooming error?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: When I had lunch with a friend, it became clear that she had missed plucking a long, coarse hair on the front of her chin.

She is 75 years old, but most would assume she’s 55-60. She is always stylish and well-groomed.

Given her age, I am guessing she just didn’t see it, as she might have when she was younger. She noted that her longtime partner her was away for the season, so he has n’t been there to point it out to her.

If someone had spinach caught in their teeth, I would let them know in a subtle manner, as I would hope they would for me. Letting someone know they have a stray hair they missed on their chin seems quite harder. And while I would certainly want someone to let me know, I was at a loss on how to address it, if I should at all.

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