How to start a Farm business in Nigeria

Farming business has been one of the untapped business in africa as people take it as rural business and move the technology part of business.

Farming business is an untapped business idea in Nigeria and africa at larger as farmers farm for two purpose which are personal consumption for them and their family while the other is commercial use which involve the selling of their farm produce to generate income for them i will show some untapped  agricultural product you can go into and make 10 figures from in Nigeria in 2021

Cassava Farming

Cassava Farming had been one the mist common farming in africa and Nigeria as 70% of farmers plants cassava and it has been the best crop to grow in Nigeria because it serves many purposes and can be used in different ways to produce product and some of the best and popular product you can process cassava into are; Garri, Wheat flour, Animal feeds and caramels.

90% of Nigerian household eats cassava and its make of, so cassava is one of the untapped planting you have to go into in Nigeria.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming is one of the best farming business if you can manage a space or cage you can use to keep your birds.

Poultry Farming is the act of growing birds to purpose to make money through eggs, meat. Poultry Farming has been the best agricultural business idea you have to go into as more than 260 million people around Nigeria use poultry product in way way or the other.

Poultry Farming can be managed with low capital as people around Nigeria buys their species of birds and leave them to find foods by themselves and come back home to sleep at night but most people doing this are doing it for the purpose of eating it. If you are doing poultry Farming for business to make money you have to keep your birds in safely and well mannered place  so they can grow well and generates more incomes.

Rice Farming

Rice Farming is one the most common farming around the world as about 90% of the people in the world eats rice and this has leads many country to this business.

Nigeria is rated the theirs biggest rice production after Egypt and Madagascar, after supplying 3.6 million tons metric and these has pushed the africa GDP as it is rated as the best GDP farm product in africa. Nigeria failed in fulfilling it’s promise to supply about 5.5 million tons of rice metric and this was caused by people not participating in farm production and trust me rice is one of the best growing product in Nigeria and africa at large as it is twice it’s money when exported.

Snail Farming

Snail Farming has been the most lucrative business in Nigeria as most people ignored snail as a farming business.

Some set of people doesn’t eat red meat because if their health issues and it is not advisable to for people above 40’s to eat red meat again so people in this set of categories eats snail.

Snail has been a farming you can start with local capitals even zero capital as people who are less busy and leaves around bushy area goes into the bush during the raining period of the day as it has come to notice that comes 70% of snail comes out during raining period so people goes into busy part of their area to look for snail and takes it to the nearby market to sell to generate income.

Catfish farming

Catfish had been the most reared fish in Nigeria and been the most eaten local fish in africa as most people eats due it’s juicy, tasty taste and it’s has high demand of supply as it’s has been specialized as been special, most bars and food center can’t cook without this fish.

Catfish as been one of the untapped business idea in 2021 as it’s required low capital to start as it’s most essential tools is the pond and water, with this tools you are ready to go into catfish farming and it one the most profitable agricultural produces in Nigeria and it is been needed nation wide of africa so rearing catfish will be one of the best farming for you in Nigeria.

Maize farming

Maize farming is one the most planted crop in Nigeria as about 90% farmers produce maize due to its usefulness and many Nigerian call it corn.

Maize farming has been one the most lucrative business idea in agricultural business which can be done with low capital and can be harvested in 3 months and this as made people to rush into maize farming. The only disadvantage is that is looses it’s sweetness taste within the range of 24 hours so most farmer find a way to sell it and once it pass 24 hours the farmers takes it to the company of pop corn seller to help them process the corn into pop corn and they will be paid.

Pig Farming

Pig Farming is one the most lucrative business idea in agricultural business and it is one the most neglected agricultural produce as most people don’t rear pig.

Pig Farming is the best farming produce if you are looking for a way to scale through your business to earn 6 figures from it, africa made a report on pig importation to africa and the total consume if pig meat (pork) is analysed at $3 billion as 80% is been imported from other country. And that is so bad of africa as we only produce 20% in the pork in all over the country in africa.

Pork meat is highly demanded as the red meat is tasty and juicy many ways the pork meat except the muslim who doesn’t wats pork due to their religion rules.

Pig Farming is one the most lucrative business idea in agricultural business as it’s more profitable, pigs give birth to 10-14 piglet per birth and if you can rear a pig within a year then you should have been a millionaire as pigs reproduces fast.


Farming as been one the most common and popular business right from the ancient times of days and with the above mentioned farm ideas you can go into you have to use information and technology to scale through your farming business as we are in a modernized world and this includes Branding.


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