How Much Should I Budget For Civil Litigation Defense?

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This is the one question all of our clients ask during consultations for civil lawsuits. And while it is a natural question to ask, there is no easy answer. There are a number of factors that may determine the overall price of civil litigation defense. Civil litigators will charge an hourly fee to defend clients, and therefore the longer a case takes and the more work it requires, the higher it will cost.

In this article, we will examine the different factors that might cause a civil lawsuit to become more expensive.

What Factors Determine the Cost of a Civil Litigation Lawsuit?

“There are a number of factors outside of your and your lawyer’s control that will play a part in the cost of the lawsuit,” according to Brad Nakase a Los Angeles employment lawyer. While you and your attorney may want to resolve the lawsuit quickly, there are opposing parties, witnesses, and even the court that can impact the amount of time a lawsuit will take to resolve.

“The plaintiff’s goals will play a large part in how expensive a lawsuit will become. While all plaintiffs are looking to resolve the issue in their favor and perhaps gain compensation, some plaintiffs want to seek revenge,” said Douglas Wade who is an employer defense attorney in Los Angeles businesses trust. This might involve hurting you through high legal costs and wasting your time, or it might be through dragging your business’s reputation through the mud.

Another major factor will be the plaintiff or opposing party’s lawyer. Some lawyers want to prove themselves and therefore take an aggressive approach. By questioning and opposing everything, procedures that should take mere hours are turned into day-long ordeals. Along with processes taking much longer, your litigator may have to do extra preparation to deal with this overzealous lawyer. Most litigators will avoid aggression if it is not warranted. It usually hurts their client’s case rather than helping it.

While the above two will cause the greatest impact on your defense cost, other factors may contribute. Witnesses may be reluctant to testify or change their testimony last minute. There may be additional evidence to consider, or the court may rule against motions. A number of little things may require more time or cost to address.

For example, the San Diego small business lawyer at the Nakase Law Firm will provide you with a quote for civil litigation defense based on what they discovered about your case during the consultation. But it is important to think of this as a guide price only. The cost of your defense may change with the different decisions you make or the different decisions your opposition makes. A good lawyer will provide you with information about what different actions might mean for you and the lawsuit. They will factor in time, money, and what it will do to the strength of your case. For example, based on the merits of the case and the amount, your civil litigator might advise you that the best cause of action is to settle. That you will be able to negotiate a smaller settlement and avoid the lengthy court process.

A Quote Is Not a Guarantee

No defense attorney will be able to provide you with an accurate idea of ​​the cost of a lawsuit. It does not work like that. Instead of comparing quotes when choosing a litigator, you need to look at their track record and their communication skills. It is more important to find an attorney who will keep you updated about the progress of the case and what it means for you. Defense lawyers will have defended lawsuits worth tens of thousands and ones worth tens of millions; it is not possible to know which a lawsuit will be from the start.

Are You Facing a Civil Lawsuit?

Whether you are the suing party or the one being sued, you need to speak to a civil litigator immediately. Book a consultation today to speak to our civil litigators about your case and create a strategy.

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