How can we control our guest without making a scene?

DEAR ABBY: My daughter’s boyfriend recently stayed at our home for eight days. He’s 50; we are in our 60s.

He regarded “help yourself” to mean it was OK to drink our liquor from early afternoon to bedtime. How can we have some control over this situation without causing a scene?


DEAR BAR’S CLOSED: Put a lock on the cabinet where you stow your liquor, or move it out of the house entirely when you know he’s planning a return visit.

And while you’re at it, have a serious conversation with your daughter about her boyfriend’s insatiable appetite for alcohol, because it could have a negative impact on her future.

DEAR ABBY: I lost your cookbooklet collection! My family and I have really enjoyed some of those recipes. I have loved all the ones I have tried, but my favorites are the desserts.

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