How can I prepare myself for this looming wedding heartache?

Dear Amy: I’m engaged to a wonderful guy — he’s kind, smart, and my best friend. I truly couldn’t ask for a better partner! We’re planning to get married next spring.

Amy Dickinson

My mother disapproves, and it is breaking my heart.

She says he’s a great man, but she doesn’t approve of our relationship. She always had a certain idea of ​​what kind of man I ‘d end up with, and he does n’t fit her mold. I know there’s no changing her mind her.

She and I recently had a heart-to-heart talk and she asked if I was still planning on going through with marrying him. I asked her if she’d be at the wedding. She said that if I’m marrying him, she’s not sure.

Amy, I want my mom to be there more than anything. She’s the only one who raised me, and I love her.

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