Have Heat helped create a monster in Celtics? – The Mercury News

Q: I think as a Heat fan, you want Boston to lose. A team gets more confidence when they win a title. Year after year of failing and the pressure can be overwhelming. We already have the Bucks with championship DNA, don’t need the Celtics to have rings, as well. – Dave.

A: A reasonable point. But there also is the flip side, of a team becoming sated. We certainly saw that after the Heat’s 2006 championship. And sometimes when players achieve their team goal they become more focused on individual success. So one title does not necessarily fuel additional hunger.

Q: Hello Western Conference and your smug fans. Welcome to the Eastern Conference, where games are tough, played through defense by a team that survived and won three very difficult playoff series. I liked it a lot. We, in the East, are not the weakest conference, as so many pundits bloviate about. – Roland, Borrego Springs, Calif.

A: Which I believe has been evident throughout the playoffs, with the Warriors with a less challenging path than what the Celtics experienced. It also is why, when looking at next season in the East, it again could be a case of the Heat finishing anywhere from one through four, even at their best, when considering the Celtics, Bucks, 76ers and, yes, Nets. And that’s not even getting into other teams on the rise.

Q: Does Tyler Herro proclaiming that he wants and has earned the right to start spell chemistry problems for next season? This season, it seemed, everyone was all in accepting their role on the team. Assuming all of this year’s starters return, then whose place does he take? If it is Max Strus then who is the creator on the second unit? If Herro is going to be a disgruntled player, maybe it’s time to move him if the right deal can be made. – Joel.

A: There is nothing “disgruntled” about wanting to improve your personal lot. Every player should strive for more. It is when a player becomes satisfied that you should become concerned. And, yes, with the current mix, it could well be Max Strus moved to the second unit. But keep in mind that Erik Spoelstra staggers his substitutions, so it’s not as if Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry and Tyler, as starters, all would have to be off the floor at the same time.


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