Gym was my happy place until these men joined

DEAR HARRIETTE: I’ve been a member of my local gym for years, and I’ve always loved it there; the gym is my happy place. I try to go every day after work, and I usually spend most of my free time there.

Harriette Cole

Unfortunately, some of the new members (young adult males) have been making me slightly uncomfortable.

They often make unwanted conversation, hog all the equipment and stare too hard at female gymgoers (myself included).

My friends tell me that there is no point in canceling my membership, because other gyms have the same issues.

I don’t want to leave the gym I’ve become so accustomed to. What should I do?

Gym Addict

DEAR GYM ADDICT: Since you have been a longtime gym member, talk to the management. Point out your loyalty and longevity with this gym and your current discomfort due to the behavior of these new members.

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