Do I need to tell her why she’s no longer a friend?

DEAR ABBY: Four years ago, I found out my husband of 28 years had a fling with a co-worker. Two weeks after it was exposed, the girl quit. I was devastated, but we reconciled.

During our reconciliation, I learned that five or six years before the affair, my best friend, “Molly,” had made some moves on my husband on an overnight work trip. (She is known to be a little loose.)

I have ghosted Molly ever since. She was my best friend her since childhood, and I felt it was the ultimate betrayal. As far as I’m concerned, she’s out of my life.

She has recently begun sending me requests on Facebook. I know in time she will call again. I don’t want to talk to her, nor do I know what to say. Please help me.


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