Because I’m single, they treat me unfairly

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am always the plus-one for a couple of my friends. As the single member of my friend group, they typically call on me at the last minute to go with them to various activities.

Harriette Cole

I do my best to be available, and usually it’s fun.

My issue is that when I invite them to join me for something — even when it isn’t last-minute — they hardly ever say yes. Either they have a date, or they are tired because they have had a busy week or some other reason.

I’m often tired, too, but I make the effort to have their backs and muster up energy whenever possible.

I’m beginning to see how one-sided this is, and I don’t appreciate it. What can I do to get them to see how unfairly they are treating me?

No More Excuses

DEAR NO MORE EXCUSES: Stop saying yes all the time.

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